Welcome To The Bendy Trend!


We are dedicated to helping you start your online business. We were struggling once, trying to be successful online. We turned to internet “Gurus” only to find out that the tactics and strategies that they were selling worked in the past but not anymore. They didn’t care who they hurt or “robbed”. They just wanted to GET PAID!


After trying and failing miserably so many times. We finally stumbled onto someone who offered to mentor us and give us advice about where to turn and what services to use that would not rob or cheat us out of our already scarce budget.

So, now that we are in a good place, we are simply “Paying It Forward.” 

We will NEVER ask you for your money. 


We do however, receive an Affiliate Commission from the companies and services that we refer new customers to. Most, if not all of these sites have a free trial. 


We DO NOT promote them because they pay us a commission. These are sites that we either use ourselves, or have personally “vetted” and deemed “Legitimate.” 



None of the businesses or services that we “The Bendy Trend” recommends owns or operates this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by The Bendy Trend, an independent marketing affiliate.